1. Is iWeConnect Free? 

Yes. iWeConnect is free for everyone who want to showcase their professional portfolios and blog and cover their digital footprint with meaningful content.

2. How does iWeConnect make money?

iWeConnect will earn from advertising subsequently. It is currently not available.

3. How do I modify my profile page?

At your profile page, click on the check box ‘Manage’. To place content on the main profile page, choose default ‘---Select your subject ---' as subject. Create your content and select upload. If you want to create a new subject, click on the ‘+’ button. Add content on the subject. The new subject will be displayed at the bottom of the profile page.

4. Can I upload youtube videos my profile page?

Yes. Copy the URL and paste it in the content box.

5. How do I change my keywords? 

Click on ‘Account Setting’. Change the particulars you wish to change.

6. Can I take down negative reviews?


7. How do I make my profile more visible in the iWeConnect marketplace?

In order to make your profile more visible, you can select the most relevant keywords related to your service or business. Keywords can help you appear in the website searches

8. Can I link to my iWeConnect profile from other social channels?

Yes. You can share your ideas and thoughts on iweconnect and post it on your Facebook, linkedin or twitter.