As our economy gradually transforms into a knowledge economy, more and more people switch between different full-time jobs, becoming freelancers and self-employed entrepreneurs. In this case, it is now more important than ever to develop a strong personal brand through the Internet. In the past, personal branding was cultivated offline through word-of-mouth. Today, internet has made it much easier to do personal branding.

To achieve personal branding, employees write blogs to build their personal brand by demonstrating their knowledge and expertise in the field they are in. It also helps them to network connect with peers outside his company using the content.

However, according to a SEO research, 91.5% of all google traffic goes to content on the first page. Although many people write blogs, it is very difficult for the blogs to be found in google. As such, it is hard for their employers to find them.

So, let's say, you have done a phenomenal job and write thought provoking content in your blog, you still need to spend a lot of money on SEO and google AdWords for your blog to be found by others.

Branding is what others say about you. One study shows that referral contribute 7% of applications, but 40% of total hire. Survey also shows that employees are very willing to refer and recommend their friends. However, this is the catch, they won't actively do it.

Hence, only if your friend just happens to know a job opportunity and happen to meet you while you are looking for a job, then he will refer you. Otherwise, he won't know that you may be applying for a job.

The problem is, those we meet on the daily basis are familiar faces. It is usually the loose ties that has some of those opportunities. Your ex-colleague or ex-classmate who has moved on to other companies. They may have good opportunity to recommend you. But, they hardly meet you.

Now you see why it is hard for people to refer you? You didn’t do anything wrong… the recruitment process is broken.

So how do you get around these changes?

Is there a system or a way where you can write your personal "blog" or "mini-website", let your colleague refer you easily and let employers find you easily? Something for you to build your personal brand and get the job you deserve?

There is, and that's exactly what this page is all about... This is the ultimate solution for your job search.

As we encounter this situation, we did research to solve the problem. We have consulted many businesses, recruiters and all subject matter expert that we can find on recruitment.

We have tested different solutions to come up with the ideal formula to ensure the best candidates can get the job they deserve. Companies can find the most suitable employee with the least cost.

In addition, we ask ourselves, is this the job portal that we will use to brand and find job for ourselves? If we are employers, will we find candidates with this website?

When we are finished, we come up this solution. It is a website that combines
1. A blog - employees can build their brand and stand out from the crowd by showing their past work, ideas and experience. They can use this website to link with all the other digital content as this website is where the recruiters can find you easily. With this they will not be limited by word-only resume and one size fits all framework. If you have a lot of accolades, you can show the picture here and classify it accordingly.

2. Social media. Branding is what others says about you. Now, your friends, past clients, employers or peers can recommend you with one click. You can also connect with your friends. When you search, if someone is recommended by your friends, you will know it.

For example, your ex-colleague (A) recommend you. When his connected friends searches for a keyword (Ex: accountant), if you match the keyword, they will know that you are recommended by many people including their friend (A). This makes you stand out compared to all other accountants.

3. Job portal. Let employers find you. The best job may find you when you are not applying for one. If you are not looking for a job, you can still use the site to build your brand and connect with others.

When you are open for jobs, you can simply put in the relevant keywords, and jobs will find you. Sometimes the best opportunity come when you are not actively sending out resume.

If you don't know about this website, to achieve the same purpose, you need
- A website/blog with server hosting. Depend on the quality of the website, it can cost you $100-1000
- SEO (cost $750-1500/month) or google AdWords (small businesses spend $1000-10,000/month)

It can easily cost you $10,000/year for you to have a website and be found by your potential employers. Now, you can have it for free.
Yep… Its FREE. Free for both employees and employers.

Literally, it doesn’t even cost you a cent. With a few minutes of your time, you can
- Network with others
- Share your thoughts.
- Establish yourself as though leader
- Build your brand and prepare for better opportunities.
- Recognize others good work and recommend them easily with one click.
- Be recommended by others for your work.
- Put yourself out there and let opportunities find you.

The choice is yours…

Click on join us button at the top right corner of the website and start making yourself stand out from the crowd and get better opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Why can't I use Facebook or Linkedin? It seems to have some similar functions.
- When someone posts content on Linkedin/Facebook, their postings are on timeline. It will be pushed by by subsequent posts. There is no way one can arrange it to appeal to employers. Your work years ago will be lost in many other posts since most people only read the first 5-10 posts on your timeline. Plus, if you post your content in iweconnect, you can also share it on Linkedin and Facebook timeline. The difference is, someone who find you on Linkedin can trace the article you write on iweconnect to your iweconnect page and view all your other good work.
- For Linkedin, employers/peers cannot refer you with one click. Furthermore, future employers won't be able to know if you are referred by their connections when they search.
- For Facebook, employees can be liked by their friends. However, Facebook is more for leisure purposes. You won't want to your good work be clouded by leisure or unglamorous postings.

I already have my own website. I also have other digital contents on other platforms such as Linkedin, Facebook, Youtube and etc. Should I add another one?
- Yes. with iweconnect, your employers can find much easier. However, you should not let your work in your website or other social platform go to waste. You can use this page to link to your other digital contents such as your website. With this, your future employer will see all the work that you have done in the past.

Why is it free?
- If you are thinking “Free for both recruiter and job seeker ..what’s the catch?” then the following reasons should put your mind at ease.
1. We want to make it a mass market product. If there are a lot of people using the platform, more people can recommend each other. It will add more values to the whole community. Hence, we offer it for free so that it benefit the masses.
2. We want recruiters to recruit on the website as often as they can. Our success comes from our user's success. If employees find jobs easily on our platform, it is a plus for us. Hence, we make it free for all.
3. We believe that once you use our website, you will love it use it often. If maybe, we ended up successful, we can cover our cost with some advertisements.

Do I have to work full-time? What if I am only looking for part-time job or if I am self-employed, but want to build a brand.
- Part-time and self-employed are welcome to use the portal to build your brand and connect with others. The only difference for those not working full-time employees is put part time or self employed as one of your keywords. This will help those looking for self-employed or part-time employees to use the relevant keywords to find you.

How should I use it immediately?
For employees
- If you are looking for jobs, cut and paste your existing resumes on your main profile. Set up appropriate keywords that recruiters may use to find employees. Ex: software developer, programmer, accountant. If you are not open for jobs at the moment, don't set any keywords. Others will be able to search and find your name. But, when they search for other keywords (Ex: job function, such as accountant), they won't find you. You can add keywords as and when you are open for jobs after you sign up.
- If you have other websites or content in another digital platform, you can link it here. Simply copy and paste the link on the profile page. When your employer find you in iweconnect, they will be able to get access to all your other digital content. You can create new subjects to organize your content.
- As and when you have new work to display or if you want to document your thoughts on certain issues, you can add new subjects and write content there. You can use it like your blog and share those content on your Facebook or Linkedin timeline as well.

If you are recruiter,
- Sign up by clicking join us. The sign up process for recruiter is the same as an employee.
- After signing up, you can search for the position you are looking for by typing in keywords.
- Check out the person's work and recommendations he received.
- If you like the profile, you can message the person for interview directly using the message button.

Should I sign up now? Given the amount of users especially recruiter is still limited?
- Yes. Initially, you can use it like a blog. It is the same as writing your own blog. You can then share it on your Facebook or Linkedin just like your own blog. The difference is if you blog with iweconnect, your potential employers can find you easily. If you blog using new website, it will be hard for you to be found online. Furthermore, your satisfied employers/clients won't be able to recommend you. Starting early benefits you as you will be able to have more recommendations. It gives you a headstart in your career.