About Us


iWeConnect is a blog-based job portal that allows people to build their professional digital profile. This is where people can showcase their portfolio, create blogs, write opinions to distinguish themselves. Employers can search for them using keywords. 

Compared to other online marketplaces and jobs portal, iWeConnect offers better value -


For Professionals 

  • Build your unique professional profile. People has different skills and talent. iWeConnect allow employees to share their work, ideas and writings/videos/links that they like. With that, they will be able to distinguish themselves from other candidates. To employers, they now become a person instead of just another candidate. 
  • Cover your digital footprint. Employers typically search for the candidate name in the internet before they hire them. iWeConnect give employees a concentrated place where they can showcase their work and their ideas. This give employees control unlike in facebook where people can tag them with unglamorous content. 
  • Allow your lecturers or past employers to recommend you. If your employers are a user of website, they can write recommendations on the website. This adds to the credibility of the employees future work.
  • Let jobs find you. Instead of you finding jobs, set up keywords based on your work. Your potential employers can search based on keywords and location to find you. The best job opportunity may occur when you are not applying. Don't miss out another good job opportunity because you don’t have time to send out resume when the job is available. 
  • Find your job quickly. Many employers and job agencies will be using the portal to find employees as it is free for both employers and employees. 


For Employers 

  • Cut expenses in finding employees. It is free for both employers and employees. Hence, employers can find their employees for free using keywords. The cost saving can be tremendous especially if the employer is hiring temp workers. 
  • Save time in hiring employees. They don't need to write job requirements and post on job boards and screen through hundreds of emails to find the right candidate. They only need to use relevant keywords and location to find employees. They can send message to hire them subsequently. 
  • Find the right employees and cut down searching time. Typical resume contains only words. Hence, employees cannot showcase their work, talent and personality effectively. By allowing employees to post their works and blog on their professional site, employers will be able to know who they are before meeting them. With that, companies can cut down the number of interviews before finding the right employees.